IBM Launches “IBM Machine Learning”


It’s only March, but already IBM leads the software industry in gasbaggery.

Gartner’s most recent Magic Quadrant for Data Science Platforms includes this little gem:

Customers are often confused by mismatches between (IBM’s) marketing messages and actual, purchasable products.

That’s a polite way to say that IBM marketing messages have enough hot air to float a fleet of balloons over the Bernese Alps. With payloads.

Case in point: IBM’s recent product launch for IBM Machine Learning, a four-hour event held on February 15.

IBM exec Rob Thomas led with a vision:

Think about the possibilities with continuous intelligence. Cars will not simply drive themselves; they will know where you want to go next. Grocery stores will not just cross-promote products; they will fill your cart before you enter the store. Doctors will not just write prescriptions; they will create holistic health plans based on data constantly updated from activity trackers, eating…

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