Technologies and tools related to Industry 4.0

The New Layer

The industry 4.0 is becoming a requirement for the market of tomorrow. Customers often expect the orders are processed quickly and easily and also that the  products  are highly personalized.

The  future  needs and  wishes of the clients  will  only be possible  to satisfy  through  the merging both the production area and the digital data of the company. This  will  provide the  necessary  information to  workers  and  customers  to  deliver  a  good  product  and service and in the same way to optimize the manufacturing process.

The industry 4.0 allows adjusting the digitalization to the needs of each of the companies and not the other way around. Some of the example can be the planning  and  simulation of intelligent factories as well as a  selection  and  deployment  of  technologies,  methods and tools aimed at the digitalization.

In order to implement the industry 4.0 in a traditional company, some of the methods…

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