When “effortless” is anything but: Today’s cloud washing is all about hybrid


For the past few years cloud washing was a practice IT vendors used to paint their not-necessarily-cloudy products as cloudy. It was widespread and obnoxious. It would be nice to say that the trend dissipated, but that is not the case. It has just morphed into hybrid cloud washing.

Hybrid is everywhere. As companies weigh decisions about what workloads to move to the cloud, vendors are using the descriptor to persuade potential customers that their workloads will move “seamlessly” or “effortlessly” between their private cloud and some public cloud. If only saying it made it so.

The fact is it takes a lot of effort to make something effortless, according to Margaret Dawson, VP of product marketing and cloud evangelist for HP Cloud Services(s hpq). In reality, hybrid cloud is a goal.

“If you look at the auto industry, hybrid means the combination of a traditional engine and carburetor…

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