Finally, an Electric Car that Parks Itself and Folds Up


Wouldn’t it be cool if your car folded up into something, oh, briefcase-sized, tapping futuristic tech like the trans-dimensional space-time wizardry in Doctor Who’s TARDIS? No, the “Armadillo” car won’t do that, but it does fold nearly in half after politely parking itself.

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Tap an app on your smartphone and the “Armadillo-T” — an experimental electric car designed by automotive mavens in South Korea — navigates a target parking space, then lifts its carapace-like rear, wheels included, the shell sliding over the vehicle’s front until the car appears to have folded almost in half. That lets it occupy roughly half the space a sedan-sized vehicle would, lending it a smaller footprint — smaller even than a Smart car, which itself offers unexpected parking perks.

Squint and it almost looks like a cartoon bull kicking up its hooves before…

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