Nissan wants self-driving cars on the road by 2020


Are you ready to have your very own self-driving car? While the technology has been relegated to a few eye-popping tests from Google (s goog), Nissan is determined to make it a reality. Bloomberg reports that the Japanese automaker will aim to bring driverless cars to the masses by 2020, utilizing its emissions-free Leaf.

Utilizing the Leaf for self-driving capabilities isn’t actually that far-fetched, considering that a team of Oxford researchers created a system that does just that for only $7,000. It also showed off a series of driverless Leaf vehicles on an Irvine race track during its Nissan 360 event, which ferried around people in a simulated urban environment.

While the Nissan has most of the logistics figured out, it will have to spend the next seven years perfecting a system that allows for flawless, accident-free robotic driving. Bloomberg notes that Nissan is developing its system in-house, but…

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