Enblink turns Google TV into a home automation hub


Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks: Dutch hardware startup Enblink has built a simple dongle that turns any regular Google TV unit into a home automation and security hub.

The Enblink USB dongle, which will go on sale in September, will make it possible for users to control the lighting, check their security system or access IP cameras straight from their TV. Enblink also comes with mobile apps that make it possible to control the functionality of these devices from anywhere.

The dongle itself sells for $85, and Enblink is also selling starter packs that come with lighting control and security sensors. However, users don’t actually need to buy their sensors and controllers from the company. Enblink uses the Z-Wave networking standard, which means it’s compatible with a couple hundred third-party sensors and controllers.

So why did Enblink choose Google TV, even though other smart TV platforms are…

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