What’s in a ‘G’? Why terms like 5G and LTE-Advanced are important


I’ve used a lot of digital column inches railing against the mobile industry and tech media’s use and abuse of the terms LTE-Advanced and 5G. But usually people just shrug, rolling their eyes at a bunch of geeks squabbling over technical verbiage that has no impact on the average dude with a mobile phone.

I definitely see that point, but I also believe the misuse of these terms hurts consumers and the tech industry in general. As with 4G before, these are the terms that the mobile industry will use in marketing campaigns and advertising to communicate with their customers. Left unchecked, LTE-Advanced and 5G will become instilled with new meaning and myth, and when the reality doesn’t match up with the myth, you’ll be left wondering why.

Hype exaggeration marketingWhen a hardware company or carrier increases the number of “Gs” or tacks the word “Advanced” onto its technology, there’s a reasonable expectation that…

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