Free, a radical story turning disruptive (1/3)

Rapid Innovation in digital time

Clay Christensen www.niemanlab.orgWhat is radical, what is disruptive?

Greg Satell points out the definition of disruptive innovation unfolded 10 years ago by Clayton Christensen in The Innovator’s Dilemma: ‘Great firms get disrupted and fail when they got blindsided by a completely new market’. Greg notes that disruption can ‘start with a product worse from a traditional standpoint, but performing better in areas such as price or convenience: a new market would then develop, the new upstarts will serve a different kind of customer that seemed tangential, niche and less profitable to incumbent firms’.

When radical innovation is about technological leapfrogging, disruption brings  a new market to the landscape, explains similarly Venkatesh Rao. In other words, the CD is a radical innovation (great technology, same players shoot again, with better margins) while the MP3 is a disruptive innovation (value shift, complete recomposition of the market, incumbent players get disrupted).

I have…

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