The Fitbit Flex Is The Best Fitbit Yet


The Fitbit Flex is a Fitbit you wear on your wrist. And it’s awesome.

Without naming names, I’ve owned and extensively used just about every quantitative self gadget on the market. Most of them are just one step away from being a gimmick. The Fitbits have always been my favorite. But I’ve lost more than I’m willing to admit. The various Fitbits are just so tiny they slip out of my pocket or succumb to a silent death by washing machine.


The Fitbit Flex solves this by strapping the unit to a comfortable wristband of diminutive proportions — think a Livestrong bracelet with a slightly larger hump on top of your wrist.


  • Pedometer
  • Sleep tracker
  • Vibrating alarm
  • Android and iOS companion apps
  • $99 MSRP


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Great feature set
  • Impossible to lose


  • Shows wear and tear

I wore the Fitbit Flex around Disrupt NY last…

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