The internet of things gets industrial strength collaboration with GE, Electric Imp & Quirky


Electric Imp, the startup trying to build hardware that makes it easy to turn any idea into a connected device, has signed a deal to provide its hardware and cloud services to companies participating in a GE-led hardware challenge.(s ge) The industrial conglomerate said last week that it would team up with industrial product design site, Quirky, to enable people to build new connected devices.

For Electric Imp the partnership is a validation of its approach to the internet of things and a chance to help bring a proven model of innovation to the hardware hackers trying to build products for the internet of things. It’s also a showcase for the new hardware development model pioneered by Quirky and taken even further by crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Indigogo.

Last Thursday, GE said it would open up its hardware patents for a Quirky-sponsored design competition. The goal of…

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