Mercedes-Benz, Bosch And HDI Create New Accelerator With Startupbootcamp Berlin


We’ve seen a lot lately of car companies sidling up the technology world and vice versa. Consider Ford’s Open Developer Program for instance. But today, three big companies get involved in startups, one of them being the huge Mercedes-Benz. It, along with industrial giant Bosch and insurance company HDI, are partnering with tech accelerator Startupbootcamp in Berlin to create a new kind of accelerator vehicle called SBC2go.

This new project will support a selection of start-ups in a 3 month program open to any startup team globally. Ten teams will be selected and given €15,000 investment, free office space and support and access to a global network of mentors. Given the nature of the partners, the program focus areas are Mobility, Connectivity, and Big Data. The idea, they say, is to tap into the innovation driven by early stage, nimble start-ups which are normally below the radar of global companies.

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