Ford Exploits Big Data To Improve Results — Lessons For Your Business


Ford and Big DataFord has positioned itself to take advantage of Big Data in such a way that is guaranteed to improve their business results. They have adopted an approach that focuses on gathering and analyzing data from their best processes and vehicles to help them streamline processes, improve manufacturing and overall quality.

Michael Cavaretta (One of the major brains behind this move by Ford) is part of a group of experts who have gathered in Newport Beach, California for the Open Group Conference. To his credit, he has led projects at Ford that have helped them use internal data to determine new features that will make their vehicles stand out.

Dana Gardner (Principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions) was able to interview him and here are a few points from that interview…

1. The cost of data storage is a lot lower now. This means that organizations don’t have to worry about sorting…

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