Enterprise 2.0: The science of inside sales


With downloadable apps taking over the enterprise, you’d think the days of six-figure enterprise software deals would be drawing to a close. In truth, enterprise deals are alive and well. But if users are doing the downloading, how do enterprise decision makers and purchasing managers get into the picture?  The answer: Your inside sales force.

As I’ve covered previously, the route to the enterprise begins with freemium app distribution and conversion. The second phase is Inside Sales.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 1.15.39 AM

Inside sales are the future of enterprise sales

Just as there has been a sea change from outbound to inbound marketing, the tech industry is experiencing a similar wholesale shift from outside direct sales reps to inside sales teams. In fact, inside sales jobs are growing at 15X the rate of outside sales roles. Not only is it the future of enterprise sales, it’s also likely all you can afford at…

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